Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tari Payung

Tari Payung or Dance Umbrella (Minang: Tari Payuang) is a Minangkabau traditional dance, which has been many changes and developed by senian-dance artists, especially in West Sumatra. Originally this dance has a sense of fun driving young (creation), which shows how the attention of a man against his lover. Umbrella became icons that both toward one goal is fostering a good household. Dance Umbrella diversity does not kill existing umbrella dance as a means of Minangkabau culture revealed. Diversity is simply a variant of the dances that have been there before. The attitude taken is important for us not trapped with the assessment that the variant of dance that one violated the other. As far as tri wired not stray from the roots of tradition, the creativity of artists' creations become a tool in addressing the emerging culture.
This study uses the theory of change developed by Herbert Spencer. The theory of change will be used to view the developments in dance umbrella. Another theory which would support the theory developed by Koentjaraningrat acculturation and GM. Foster. This theory is used to seeing culture that influenced the development of an umbrella dance until the present day. The number of dancers in obtaining even an umbrella dance and always in pairs, can be three or four pairs. Even if there is a movement to move his spouse, does not mean his heart is divided into two or more, but only played a form of creation. In essence they are just one pair, but divisualkan in many forms. This can be played dlihat of costumes, from which all permpuan dancers dressed the same, so the male dancers who all too similar. Umbrella-shaped played well together. Dance Umbrella since the beginning has been progressing very meaningful, especially by young artists Minagkabau. These changes influenced by the level of knowledge that has been mixed. Effect of styles from anywhere msuk touching areas of art, dance umbrella is no exception. Melayu is a key element in influencing the movement of dance umbrella. So also with the pattern of the western movement, a little more touch this area. Senian reformer of dance umbrella dance to make the function was shifted from the traditional ritual into art for which development is greatly pesat.Fungsi profane ritual art does not show any significant changes, ritual art karean grip-grip didukungh by clear and difficult untu modified, if not impossible to changed, because he was related to indigenous persolan have clear laws. In connection with this, the artist pebaharu umbrella dance movements into innovative in order to balance between the profane art with the art of ritual. They just enter the territory of profane art that has the potential to be developed and sold to the public.
Artists umbrella dance innovators take action in shaping the new force in tyari umbrella to the desired order and direction in the world of creativity can be maintained adequately without damaging social conflict itself. Minangkabau social system has a certain type that are different from other social systems.
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