Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tari Serimpi

Indonesia Cultures - Tari Serimpi

Serimpi Dance or "Tari Serimpi" is a new type of classical dance from Yogyakarta area which is always performed by four dancers, because the word is a synonym srimpi number four. Only the dancers there Renggowati Srimpi five people. According to Dr. Priyono serimpi name associated to the root of the word "dream" or a dream. Watching the graceful dances along the three quarters to one hour seemed to bring people into other realms, dreamland.
According Kanjeng Brongtodiningrat, composition Serimpi dancers representing the four winds or the four elements of the world, namely:
1. Grama (fire)
2. Wind (Air)
3. Toya (water)
4. Earth (Soil)
As a classical dance palace beside bedhaya, serimpi live in the palace of Yogyakarta. Serimpi is an art that is considered heirloom adhiluhung and Kraton. Themes that appear on virtually identical Serimpi dance with the theme of dance Bedhaya Sanga, which describes the dispute between the two things which contradict the good with the bad, between right and wrong between human reason and human passion.