Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tari Seudati


          Seudati developed since the Islamic religion into Aceh. Islam advocates Seudati as media propaganda advantage in developing the Islamic teachings. Through the stories in Tarin Suedati message - a message conveyed religious teachings.

Religious scholars who develop Isalm in Aceh generally come from Arab countries. Therefore, the term - a term generally used in Seudati derived from Arabic. Among the terms that means a leader Sheikh, Saman which means eight, and the poem which means nyayian.

Dance Seudati now have expanded to all regions of Aceh and liked by the public. Besides its use as a medium of propaganda, Seudati also a popular entertainment show.

2. Origin Seudati DANCE

Dance Seudati originally grown in the village Gigieng Simpang Tiga subdistrict, Pidie district, led by Sheikh Tam. Then evolved into the village Didoh, Pearl District, Pidie regency, headed by Sheikh Ali Didoh.
So Seudati dance comes from the district of Pidie. Seudati including one traditional Acehnese dances preserved and is now the artistic development of elementary school.


Dance Seudati presented at the event - the people, entertainment events, finished the harvest in the form Seudati fiance, preaching, reception area, and at night receptions, as well as other events as needed. Seudati played eloh 10 people consisting of male dancers; eight people and two people dancing syahi (Aneuk Seudati). Seudati dancers led by a sheikh and was accompanied by a Apet
Clothing worn Seudati dancers at the time of appointment; Tengkulak (headband) is brown, long sleeved white dress shirts, trousers in white or black, songkeet gloves worn to the knee, waist-colored cloth binding, and Rencong meupucok reubongkala.

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